We know all about Taste & Quality

We know all about taste & quality

Agrojuice AG – based in Switzerland – is a dynamic trading company and blender of fruit juices. We are international specialists in our field and offer expertise and experience in relation to the latest developments on the European market.

We supply a range of high quality blends and raw materials

The fruit juice business is in our genes; we understand the sector inside and out, have in-house blending expertise and have mastered the relevant production processes.  All of this expertise is offered to you, the customer.

With more than 25 years’ experience, the product experts at Agrojuice AG know all there is to know about the taste and quality of fruit juices, concentrates and purees. In our laboratory, we focus on testing various product elements and creating ‘tailor made’ products. We are familiar with the market and growing/production conditions.